Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Amazing...

.... standing baby!

Ryan has a picture like this of him as a baby standing in his dad's hand. He's done it with every child so far - but Nora seems to have taken to it the best!

I can be crafty....

... too! I had decided for Easter this year I was going to have everyone wearing a matching piece of... something. I looked all over Etsy but after getting a quote for just the ties ($61) I realized that wasn't going to happen. I'd have to  be doing some sewing make this a reality. So I did. They are not perfect by any means but I'm quite proud that it all came together in my sleep deprived state. So here's my hard work:

Monday, April 18, 2011

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Face of Determination

Will you get that camera out of my face? I'm busy....

Hmmmmm.... I wonder what that is.

Let's just crawl over there and see. 

I looks really interesting. 

Now if only mom would let me put it in my 
mouth I could really find out what it is.

She also does a great Downward Dog!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I can't believe I have a Five(5) year old! It's makes me feel happy and sad and old all at the same time. He is such a good big brother... and he loves to make Nora laugh. And he tolerates Azer following him around with everything. He had a period where he didn't like going to school - but he is back to loving it (for which I'm very grateful)! He loves playing outside - running, basketball, riding his bike, and playing at the park that is our yard.  I can't wait to see what 5 brings for him!

And some pics of my other two loves....

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Picture Post...

I've had a request for more pics of the kiddos... so here you go! Lianne - I'm working on your request ;)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

We couldn't afford to send our Christmas letter to all of our friends and family so hopefully the online version can still bring you cheer!

Dear  Friends and Family,

What a year 2010 has been!  The big news is that we added a beautiful little girl to our family and we love her.  The boys can hardly leave her alone most of the time.  They just love to give her kisses.

Ryan completed his last final exam for his penultimate semester of school, and we're all excited for school to be over and see what the future holds for us.  He just might have arranged it so that he has no final exams in his last semester, but let's not count our eggs before the chickens hatch.

April has had some success in her photography business until little Nora got here, and she has really been honing her skill.  Now she spends her time on Nora's schedule, while managing two boys with the energy of an entire basketball team.

Cameron is in preschool and he loves to be on time every day.  He tells us he wants to be the first one there and the first one to leave every day.  He has lots of friends there and really loves show and tell day on Thursdays.  Last week he told me he wanted to take "my car bin and aaaaaaaaall the cars." (That's about 50 cars.)  He settled for taking his toy medical supply kit instead.

Azer loves to do whatever Cameron is doing, watch Toy Story 3, love/kiss/ride Nora when mom isn't looking and otherwise create havoc when possible. He's a great kid who makes us laugh and he loves to laugh himself.  Azer loves to take a drive up to the University Hospital where we can see the helicopter that lands on top of a parking garage.  He always insists that we get out of the car to take the elevator to the small observation area where we are on the same level as the helicopter.  But heaven forbid a helicopter should actually land while we’re there…he’s afraid someone will offer to let him get close to it, and that terrified him!

Nora is adorable, she loves dad's kisses, might detest her brothers just a little bit, and sleeps to the beat of her own drum...or alarm clock.  Once she even slept for six hours straight.  That was sure nice of her!  Oh, and she’s been very smiley as of about ten days ago, and she knows how valuable every gorgeous smile is to us.

Merry Christmas, we hope you have all had a great year!


the Farnsworth’s.